36 Volt 9 Amp Hour - Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid
Electric Bicycle Battery Pack

Comes in EASY to Carry - Weather-Proof Canvas Bag

Built in the USA!
Every e-bike battery pack ships professionally soldered and is
completely "Plug & Ride" with high-quality Anderson Powerpole connectors.

Includes 2 Amp SLA Smart Charger


  • Extra Wide Velcro Straps for Securing to a Rear Rack

  • Professionally Soldered Wiring

  • Anderson Powerpole Connectors

  • Durable Handle

  • Reflective Strip for Safety


17.5MPH w/ 350 Geared Motor / 20MPH w/ 500w Direct-Drive Motor
RANGE: 14-34 Miles (Rider Weight, Rider Input and Terrain Contingent)
CHARGING TIME: 9ah pack = 4.5hrs / 2Amp Charger = 2 amps charged per hour
CYCLE LIFE: 250+ (charge - discharge cycles before nominal capacity falls
below 80%)

WEIGHT: 17lbs
DIMENSIONS: L 8" (203mm) x W 6" (152mm) x H 3.75" (95mm)


AC 100V-240V~, 1.8A(MAX.) 50/60Hz
OUTPUT: DC 42.0V--2.0A
Plug and Ride Ready 36 volt - 9 Amp Hour SLA Electric Bike Battery Pack
From $199.00 - $258.00 Price Includes Shipping (Continental US)
36 Volt - 9 Amp Hour Electric Bike Battery Pack - SLA
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E-Bike Kit - Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit - 36 volt 9 Amp Hour SLA Battery Pack
Electric Bike Battery Bag
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36 volt Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery Charger - HighPower
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The Plug and Ride Battery Kit's usage is
not limited to just our E-Bike Kits.

You can use this to power any SLA 36v
Conversion Kit you may already own or
plan on purchasing from Ebay, Amazon etc.