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Electric Trikes and DIY Electric Trike Kits
Electric Trikes (Tricycles) are quickly gaining popularity among E-Bike
Riders for their versatility and ease of operation. What used to be
considered a bicycle for senior citizens is now purchased more often
by younger riders seeking more storage opportunities and comfort.

At Savannah eBikes, we recognized the increasing popularity of
E-Trikes and began building and testing many brands of Tricycles to
ensure we could deliver a versatile high quality Electric Trike that will
provide not just power, but also reliability and comfort. The Schwinn
Meridian and the Worksman Trifecta are great Trikes and live up to our
rigorous testing procedures.

We also offer the components we use to build these Trikes in easy to
install DIY Electric Trike Conversion Kits. We show the kit components
on this page for your convenience.

Take a moment to browse each E-Trike we offer along with the
DIY E-Trike Conversion Kits. If you need any assistance with making
your decision, we are here to help with expert advice and personal
riding experience.

Toll Free: 855- 349- 3245
Local: 912- 844-8515
High Quality Schwinn & Worksman Electric Trikes
Summer Riding Season
Open 8am - 8pm EST
7 Days a Week
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Electric Trikes
Assembled Bikes
Parts and Accessories
Premium Electric Trike
E-Trike Components
36 Volt 500 WattFront Wheel Direct Drive Motor
3 Wire Weatherproof E-Bike Motor Controller
E-Bike Brake Levers
Electric Bike Battery Meter with LCD Screen
E-Bike Thumb Throttle
Electric Bike Torque Arm
E-Bike Twist Grip Throttle
Waterproof Quick Connect Electric Bike Cable
36 Volt SLA Battery Pack
Schwinn Meridian Trike with 36 Volt 750 watt Premium Edition Electric Trike Kits
Toll Free: 855-349-3245
Worksman Trifecta Port-o-Trike 3 Speed with Integrated 36 volt 450 watt Electric Trike Kit
Schwinn Meridian Trike withIntegrated 36 volt 450 watt Senior Edition E-Trike Kits
Senior's Electric Trike
Lightweight and Nimble
3 Models to Choose From
Click Picture's for Details
36 Volt 450 Watt E-Trike
Priced from $1269.00
Delivered - 100% Assembled
10AH-SLA Battery Included
Premium Electric Trike
Max Torque for Hill Climbing
36 Volt 750 Watt E-Trike
Priced from $1449.00
Delivered - 100% Assembled
SLA Battery Included
Folding Electric Trike
Great for Vacationer's
36 Volt 450 Watt E-Trike
Priced from $1349.00
Delivered - 100% Assembled
SLA Battery Included
Scroll Down for Pricing
Video Tours of our Electric Trikes
Our Senior Edition Electric Trike is designed for assistance while
pedaling along to run errands, exercise or just get outdoors!
Our Premium Edition Electric Trike includes a powerful 750 watt motor for
maximum hill climbing assistance and includes our LCD display unit.
Choose Your Battery Options
Choose Frame Color
If your Interested in Pricing Options and Purchasing one of
our Schwinn Senior Edition Electric Trikes, please use this
temporary check out option as we build our page.
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