2 Stroke - 48cc / 66cc Gas Bike Cruiser

This is our Classic Edition - Gas Motorized Bicycle. We start with a classic
Beach Cruiser style bicycle and transform it into an economical yet powerful
Motorized Bike. Through many trial and error attempts of matching
components for peace of mind riding while trying to keep the cost down, we
decided this is the perfect combination of bike, motor and accessories to
not only get you on the road, but to keep you on the road with minimal

The first step: We manufacture and install our own motor mount to safely
secure the front of the motor to the bike's frame while providing vibration
dampening effects. We find this extra step is far superior to any "Alternate"
mounting system available today. The motor is properly secured to the
bike's frame.

The second step: The rear sprocket which is driven by the motor's chain
is probably the most important component for worry free riding. We do not
use the standard "Rag-Joint" sprocket adapter and cheap sprocket that
comes standard in all Motor-Kits. Our chain alignment is not taken lightly.
We do not require the use of the chain guide. However, since safety is
paramount, we install them just as a fail-safe component and we
recommend you keep it installed. We only use Billet Aluminum Sprocket
Mounts which utilizes the entire rear hub and all 36 spokes.

The Third Step: Handing you a road tested, fully adjusted motor-bicycle
ready for miles and miles of riding enjoyment.  After we break in your motor,
we install a fresh NGK Spark Plug, all cables are adjusted to take up slack
from initial "stretching" as we do the same with the pedal chain and the
motor chain. We ensure the bicycle bearings are properly serviced and
correctly assembled along with the braking system components.

The Bike Frame and Forks are available in Matte-Black.

The Motor comes as shown in silver and can be painted to your choice of
available High Heat Colors at an additional cost.

As shown with Padded Seat and Rear Rack is only $800.00 Completely
Assembled and Road Tested.

We ship all our Gas and Electric Bikes completely assembled and ready to

All Custom Built Gas Bikes are completed and shipped within 10-12
business days of ordering.

No Special License or Registration Required.
Street Legal as a Bicycle (48cc). Available in 66cc for no additional cost
(considered for off-road use only)   Ages 16 and Over


Rims:                           26" Alloy
Seat:                           Gel Pad Saddle
Speed:                        Single Speed
Cranks:                       One Piece
Max Rider Weight:       250 Pounds


Rear:    Coaster


Front Fender
Rear Cargo Rack (25lb capacity)
Chain Guard
Kick Stand
Cruiser Style Tires


Available in Matte Black


Grubee Skyhawk 48cc or 66cc Gas Bike 2 Stroke Motor (New model)

Please give us a call to discuss your needs to ensure we build the best
powered bike for you. 912-844-8515
Classic Cruiser 2-Stroke Gas Powered Bike
Featuring the Grubee Skyhawk 48cc / 66cc Motor Package
2 Stroke Gas Motor Bike
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